Multiplayer Medals

I worked with David Candland, the UI designer at Bungie to reimage the multiplayer medals for Halo: Reach.

The medals were supposed to be more realistic, grungy, and rendered in 3D.

I've worked on 69 medals, all modeled and rendered in Max, textured in Photoshop.


Traxus Crane

I modeled the crane based on the level designer's footprint in 3DS Max. The Crane was meant to be part of a backdrop in the New Alexandria level.


The textures used on the crane are tiling textures shared with other props and environment textures of the level.


Data Pad

This data pad model was used in various cut scenes in the game.


It was modeled based on the concept art, and I added some details on the back.


416 Polygons

512x512 diffuse, normal (256x256 ingame)


Covenant Portable Shield

This Covenant Portable Shield appears in campaign and firefight maps where players can take cover behind the plasma shield.


The shield was from Halo 1 CE, I took the footprint model and redid the geometry and added a higher resolution texture for Reach.

The shield effects was done by effect artists at Bungie


Forge Objects

These are screenshots of some of the Forge objects I worked on for the Forge Mode in Halo: Reach.


The geometry follows size defined by the footprint model. The textures used in these objects are shared amongst all the forge objects in the game.