Mega Phong and Easy Phong are materials that I have created in the Unreal 3 engine that's artist friendly and easy to use.








A: Mega Phong and Easy Phong are materials created in the Unreal 3 engine. It's to be used in combination with MaterialInstanceConstant (MIC) in the engine to create materials for your 3d models.


Q: How does it really work?

A: All you need to do is create a MaterialInstanceConstant in the engine, and reference it to either Mega Phong or Easy Phong, a list of options will appear and your material is ready to use!


Q: Will there be tutorials on how to use it? I'm totally lost!

A: Most certainly! Tutorials are on the way for artists who are new to the Unreal 3 engine.


Q: Will there be updates as well as new features added in the future?

A: Absolutely, Mega Phong is not perfect and it's being tweaked constantly. There are many features that I plan to implement such as Reflection, Fake Rim Lighting, etc etc.


Q: Why are there two materials, what's Easy Phong?

A: Easy Phong is a very simple material that I've created for artists who do not want to mess with too much settings, it's very straight forward but does has its limit.


Q: What's with the _GOW and _UT3 suffix?

A: the _GOW version of Mega Phong is made for Gears of War PC. and _UT3 is made for Unreal Tournament 3. This is due to the backward compatibility issues between the two different versions of the engine.


Q: Can I modify it?

A: YES! Feel free to modify the material for your own use! I would love to hear what cool changes you have added!


Big thanks to Clifton Poli who helped me out on many technical problems. Thanks Clif!


If you have any problems, concerns, or bugs regarding Mega Phong and Easy Phong, you can contact me by clicking the mail button at the top of the page, or mail me at